Blood Cells Need Oxygen

Cancer In Blood Cells

Blood Cells with Oxygen

Today’s research shows that Cancer is the result of defective cell growth

Dr. Budwig developed her diet based on the hypothesis that the cancer occurs when the body’s cells don’t get enough oxygen. And she thought cells don’t get enough oxygen because of low levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

When analyzed the blood of cancer patients, instead of finding healthy, red, oxygen rich hemoglobin, she discovered a greenish-yellow substance.

She also claimed to have found that when patients ate a blenderized mixture of organic flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, this greenish yellow substance was no longer present.

Budwig believed that chronic disease is a result of a body lacking EFAs, which are full of electrons and bind to oxygen and proteins.

She also demonstrated that the absence of essential unsaturated fats is responsible for the production of oxidase, which induces cancer growth and causes many other chronic disorders.

Cancer is the result of defective cell growth (i.e., cell division), caused by the combination of too much “pseudo” fats and too few healthy fats in the cell membrane.

In healthy fats there is a vital electron cloud which enables the fat to bind with oxygen. Healthy, oxygenated fats are capable of binding with protein and in the process become water-soluble.

This water solubility is vital to all growth processes, cell damage restoration, cell renewal, brain and nerve functions, sensory nerve functions, and energy development.

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