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Budwig – The Vital Formula

Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908 – 2003)

Cancer researcher, biochemist, physicist, blood specialist, pharmacologist, lipid researcher, pioneer in nutrition, and seven-time Nobel Prize nominee from Germany.

As a graduate in chemistry, a licensed pharmacologist, the recipient of a PhD in physics, a healer, an inventor, and an author, she made outstanding contributions to the study of fats and their effect on the body. She developed a method of paper chromatography, through which she was able to prove the existence of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Dr. Johanna Budwig was convinced that many serious illnesses affecting modern society, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and cancer, which caused impaired cellular respiration, due to modern eating habits and their reliance on industrially produced food.

The Testing of Budwig Vital Formula

Tested and proven, upon receiving outstanding test results using the Vega Bio-energetic phenomena by recording the change in skin conductivity after a small voltage application was implemented. By placing a test substance into the measuring circuit the practitioner can readily observe these changes such as the ones found while patient/s were infused with the Budwig blend. Testing various ampoules provides the practitioner with an energetic evaluation of the health of specific organs, tissues, and body systems. In correlation using the Vega unit and administering what is now called Budwig Vital Formula.

Therapeutic attributes have shown conductive results among relevant stress factors taken from acupuncture points of very low electrical vibrations from within the body. The test results show that Budwig Vital Formula was equal, and at more times, shown to be at higher energetic frequency among the ill that were tested and patient reactions were greater than the actual Budwig diet protocol itself.

The Effectiveness of the Budwig  Vital Formula

Possible Poor Human Absorption

This is a glass of water with pure flaxseed oil added. Take notice how it just hangs floating on the water’s surface. The human body is 75% water. Water and oil don’t mix.

Possible Superior Human Absorption

This was the identical glass of flaxseed oil after only “three” liquid capsules were submerged into the glass and spoon turned for approximately one minute. Take notice how the original flaxseed oil became more water soluble? Notice how the wheatgrass which is the greenish color attached itself to the oil?  The oil as shown also shows tiny beads of oil and once ingested, makes it easily digestible. Please note that the human body uses the enzyme Lipase to covert oils and fats but is not always easy to do sufficiently.


Want to read more about the Budwig Diet by Dr Johanna Budwig herself:

By Dr Joanna Budwug

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BudwigTM Disclaimer

Fitletic Wellness is not making claims that the Budwig supplement cures cancer or should be used as a replacement for chemo or radiation treatments. The ingredients found in our capsules simply assist in healthy living.  Check with your health care provider to see if Budwig is right for you if undergoing a treatment plan.

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